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Dating Workshops & Seminars

You and your friends can’t seem to bridge the gap. You asked the perpetually destructive question “why do I seem to run into the same dogs?” The opposite sex remains a mystery to you. Alternatively kids these days are engaging in obscene activities at an early age resulting in an increase in teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is a big huge problem these days. I have the answer. I am willing to come and help everyone understand the importance of swag and how to best utilize this in order to achieve success.

Image Review Strategy

We have all started getting ready to go on that important business dinner or date with the person of your dreams. You say to yourself I don’t want to appear too casual or overdressed. Is this dress too much? Am I showing too much or not enough? Am I sending the right signal? You can contact me and I will give you the fashion advice to help you appear professional and fashionable. If you want to get him or her to choose you, call me. We can do this in any number of ways. I love shopping. Shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. I could spend easily eight hours in a mall. In fact I go to the mall often to trend spot. This gives me the distinct advantage of recognizing a trend before Pinterest can make it so. I will analyze your closet to determine who you are in terms of fashion, couple that with where you are going, to determine the best way for you to stand out and make the impression that you want.

1:1 Coaching

Don’t like group sessions, I understand. Want to keep your identity a secret, I get it. Don’t want to deal with the embarrassment of not only knowing that you don’t have swag, but seeking help, I will assist in changing that forever. One-on-one coaching sessions deliver powerful performance enhancement. This is a customer/friendship centric approach. I will deep-dive into your background resulting in a root-cause analysis of how you became you. This approach will not only create buy-in on your part but through this process we will form a true partnership. I am very much concerned with instilling confidence in order to manifest your dreams and desires.


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