Team Synergy Equals Success

Team Synergy Is The Power of Team

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Team Synergy is the power of team. It’s a thin line between groupie and friends. Most friends get caught up thinking about how their other friends are going to think. The question remains are you a groupie or a friend. Keep reading to make the distinction.

We all know the name of the game is energy. Let’s say you started a clothing brand (I could have referenced any entrepreneurship route). Most people only think in terms of physical cash, but there’s actually two types. Mental and physical cash. Mental cash is centered around feelings and emotions.

You have a clothing brand and you feel your friends should automatically promote and patronize your brand. The opportunity is that it’s “your” brand and not “our” brand. If your friends promote your brand without being compensated then they are a groupie. A groupie is anyone who gives energy to something without being compensated. Click To Tweet The world is cares about appearances. They need to look like or feel like they have a part in your business which makes it our business. Then they will promote to no end. Karl Kani once said that “People want to be associated with brands that represent success”. Your friends are not in any way, shape or form different. Your friends want the right to say they know the owner and they were a part of the success. In order for them to say that, it comes at a cost.

Yes you have to pay your friends to be friends.

If your friends offer their service to you, by promoting your brand, and you don’t pay them for it sit back and watch how fast your business crumbles. Word of mouth travels lightning fast, especially within your inner-circles. Your inner-circles are generally the group of people who can see your vision first, thus naturally becoming early adopters. However, without compensation they are groupies. Mental cash is generally your first form of payment. You just started your brand you don’t have the physical cash to just be paying people.

Your friends want to feel cool because they know the owner. Give them a “homeboy hookup”. In the case of clothing they get to wear your brand but more importantly it was given to them by the owner, their friend. This is the cheapest form of advertising and marketing. With social media they inherently become your street team and models, at the same time for the price of a shirt (physical cash) and the ownership of knowing the owner (mental cash). Your friends want to put in overtime. They want to see you succeed and will come with a wealth of ideas.

If your brand is not a big deal today, with their help, it will grow exponentially. You can’t expect anyone to support your brand without paying them, that’s a fundamental flaw. If you outsourced your marketing and promotion it would cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands. You are getting extremely cheap labor when you source your friends.

As entrepreneurs we think our friends are supposed to automatically promote and if they don’t we feel as if they have just become frenemies. Genius you have to pay them. The name of the game is energy. When you get everyone on board, you’re neither a groupie or a friend, you’re a team. Once the team is on board everyone wins. They are fans because they support you by sending energy your way. Once you have fans they blow their energy in your direction. If they don’t have the energy to blow, they pay to physical cash to make up the difference. The energy lifts you so high that a star is born. It’s formulaic science. -Swagger Coach

I know you wondering whats the difference between a fan and a groupie, by my definition. A groupie sends you energy without compensation. A fan sends and receives energy. Fans expect balance. They want to give you energy and expect to recieve just as much, if not a little extra.

The wrap up:

  • Pay Your Friends
    1. If you would pay a marketing company to promote your brand, pay your friends. They were loyal to you before the brand.
    2. If you pay them they are actually your friend, by my definition. If you don’t but they are willing to promote still then they are groupies. 
  • Fans Support You
    1. If they support you they are fans. When fans can’t support you with their energy they will pay you to make up the difference.
    2. That’s how you determine the wealth and longevity of your brand.
  • Know the Difference Between a Groupie and a Fan
    1. The difference between a Fan and a Groupie is that a Fan want to receive just as much energy as they give. A Groupie just gives.The difference between a Fan and a Groupie is that a Fan want to receive just as much energy as… Click To Tweet

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