Subconscious is activated by affirmations

Are Affirmations Truly Our Connection To The Universal Mind?

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Are affirmations truly our connection to the Universal Mind? All this talk of affirmations, do they work? If so, how? These are definitely the questions that I ask myself. I often wonder how things work. In fact I spend an enormous amount of time researching (aka Googling) these very questions. This idea came to me randomly while I was in the shower during my 24 hour fast. I believe our subconscious is our connection to the Universal Mind and here’s how to get it to work for you.


It takes twenty-one days to create a habit and ninety days to make it a lifestyle. The thought is this if you have an idea of something that you would like to see happen be it weight-loss, love, or success if you keep the image of that success in mind the circumstances and situations will maneuver to create that image as you see it. After the movie “The Secret” came out the majority consciousness has been that you create your reality. Now that you have created the vision stick with it for ninety days and see what happens. But these are thoughts what do they have to do with Affirmations.


Thoughts activate your subconscious. You can’t possibly speak then think. In some capacity you thought even if you don’t think you did. You have to put every thought in the aspect positive. Any verb you speak it begins to create. Imagine a painter who starts painting a beautiful picture then when negativity is spoken starts to wipe it clean and start over. This explains why what you did to lose weight originally no longer works the next time you try to lose weight. Here’s a quick example of what I used to say to myself. I’m tired of being fat now I say I love how I look and I’m going to improve it. Or I hate being broke changed to I’m not as rich as I would like to be.

This came to me coupled with the thought of all those people who say my goal was never to be rich. I say yes it was because you told your subconscious to become rich. I never thought I we would win the Championship, yes you did because you told your subconscious to create the circumstances and situations that would lead to you winning the Championship. This happens every day in every situation. You have to keep yourself positive or frame negative things positively. “You have to be so negative that the only way for you to go is up Click To Tweet” -Swagger Coach.


Rumors are thoughts that you have and own. Remember that painter… He’s painting your rumor for you. If you talk about people being overweight, you have to visually see them being overweight, the painter creates circumstances and situations for you to become overweight.


  1. You have to visualize what you want for the at least ninety days for the magic to happen.
  2. Frame your words to have a positive outlook, because whatever you say will positively happen, even if it’s negative.
  3. Rumors are your thoughts and thus create your reality. They are responsible for their own reality creation. 
  4. Every word (verbum) you speak creates.

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