Lion King


I bet you didn’t know Lions did this. What? Tell us already.

I went to see the 1994 movie titled The Lion King about six times in the theatre. Yes, I paid to see it that many times. Yes, I cried all six times when Mufasa died. You better leave me alone. But that sparked an interest because I realized that I knew nothing about Lions.

Lions are the subject of about 80% of all motivational quotes and for good reason. Lions love the fight. Tigers want to end the fight quickly and when they can’t they become uninterested, in other words, quit. Lions are the epitome of don’t rush, persevere.

The Lionesses do the majority of the hunting and child rearing. The most dominant male gets his pick of the Lionesses then when he’s tired his boys or coalition gets to pick from the rest in order from strongest down.

Sound familiar?

There is a reason why you choose the same mate and that is the same reason he can’t help himself. As leader of the pack, you chose him because he would have the strongest genes. Which means the highest chance for survival. When your body starts sexually energizing you search for the strongest, most capable, prominent male figure you can find. At that point it’s all animal instinct, secure the perpetuity of the pride.

In animals, this is called estrus. This means that your unborn fetus is directing you to whom it wants its daddy to be. In our society, we deny this is the case. We shame each other for our animalistic instinct. As men, we take advantage of this naturally. A Lion can sleep up to twenty hours a day. You know why he can sleep that long?

Here’s a clue into how to get him to choose you, he’s comfortable – safe.

This was a very brief breakdown, but lookout for the quick five-minute podcast episode, titled the same, for a deeper understanding.

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