Open Your Mind


Your mind can’t fathom and your eyes can’t see. What are you talking about? I know that’s the question in your mind. Let’s get into it.

He’s a good guy. Here’s a good one, she’s a good girl. Have you ever heard those words before? Who’s lips vibrated to generate the sounds that when translated equated to those statements? Chances are it was your “best friend” as they were introducing the two of you.

Maybe the imagery is blurry.

Think back to those carnival nights where the temperature was about a cool eighty-eight. You’re having the time of your life. You know these are the making of memories that are going to last a lifetime. Then one day you’re at your friends’ house feeling nostalgic, so you pull out those moments. Your senses are aroused as though the images are live.

You start to notice a recurring theme hidden deep within each pixel. Ignore your thoughts. Keep looking at the pictures. It’s like watching a train about to wreck, you can’t look away. Can’t shake the thought. This thought could make things extremely awkward. It could ruin the relationship. There have been so, so many failed relationships.

Could it work?

Nah I’m losing it, you think to yourself. There has to be a way to see if they’re thinking the same thing. So you gather all the courage you can muster. You ignore that feeling in your gut. You settle your breathing that’s going like Dale in a Nascar race. Your lips utter the words, “why haven’t we dated”. Their response shocks you. They react as though the door to the pearly gates have been opened and they are being welcomed by God himself. They play it cool and say “I don’t know, it could work”. That leads to a bunch of follow-up comments confirming how perfect the two of you have been for each other. You both are painting and believing the beautiful dream.

You guys go out for your first official date. Y’all have been to this spot a thousand times. It’s you’ll spot. You share extremely passionate emotions that night. In the morning everything appears to be all good. Your first argument and a situation from the past gets thrown in your face. You quickly realize that you experienced that incident with someone else. To make things worse they’re throwing it in your face as if it were them, but instead, it was with someone they hooked you up with.

Those pictures in which you were the focal point is now creepy. Your mind re-images everything you thought was nostalgic. Now the lens is wider. You recognize all the moments and comments with something that was just slightly off color. You think about every failed relationship and how they were always right there to comfort you. They always had exactly what you needed when you needed it. You wonder how did they know? Boom you wake up and now know all those relationships ended or started because of them. They punished you for not recognizing them in the first place.

How could you not see?

You’re perfect for each other. If you do not see this as a term of endearment it will ruin the relationship, friendship or whatever it is you believe you have. It will cause severe trust issues because the vale was kept up for so many years. That person should be your best-friend and continue to be your best-friend after they have named you’ll husband and wife.

Have you experienced best-friend sabotage or bliss, let me know in the comments below.